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M800开创性的融合数据通讯平台 maaiiConnect 透过智能信息解决方案,革新客户通讯体验。

Hong Kong, 22 January 2020

A leading-edge customer support experience

John Toh is from Singapore. He is currently travelling for business in the United States and needs to extend his roaming service with his network provider back home. He scans the QR code on his provider’s website to initiate a call with the customer support team. All the lines are busy. Rather than holding on the line, John is prompted to record a message that notifies the team of his inquiry and its context. The next available agent is then able to instantly retrieve the complete customer profile and call back purposefully with a 360° view of John’s unique history with the network. John does not have to ascertain any information or waste time repeating his details. He is also comforted to find the agent is dialling from a U.S. number, and despite the fact that his network is based in Singapore, he is being supported in his current time zone. If John missed the call, he simply returns it by dialling the U.S. number displayed as a missed call to reach the same agent located back in Singapore. 

In another scenario, John is having trouble with his new smartphone. While he’s on Facebook scrolling through his news feed, he navigates to his network’s Facebook page to place an on-net call to the customer support team. The agent answers the call and seamlessly switches to a video call with screen sharing to walk John through the troubleshooting process. The call data is synchronised to the backend EPR to help guide future marketing tactics and tailor promotional campaigns. 

Introducing maaiiConnect

John’s superior customer support experience is powered by M800’s maaiiConnect. The powerful digital convergence platform brings together voice and video, smart messaging, and identity products so companies can manage carrier-grade on-net, off-net, and omnichannel communication through one convenient interface. maaiiConnect is an unprecedented communication ecosystem that works harder to generate leads, deepen connections with existing customers, and create new pathways to grow sales.

A smart solution for a smart world

Connectivity is the bedrock of modern, smart cities. Our changing world is reflected in evolving customer demands, and businesses must adapt to keep pace. High-speed, high-quality networks and widespread connectivity are essential for economies to thrive. maaiiConnect is designed to ensure that communication is seamless so employees can be more productive/yield maximum productivity. Powered by the latest technology, the maaiiConnect platform helps companies roll out a unified communication experience across the entire organization. The aim is to create a fully digitised working environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. maaiiConnect bolsters communication strategies to achieve and retain that vital competitive edge. 

Achieving unified communication

maaiiConnect has been designed to offer each enterprise the optimal combination of digital technologies to address unique business challenges, whether it is empowering employees with an effective digital workplace, transforming the communication infrastructure, or offering a personalized customer experience. In order to successfully meet the specific requirements of each sector, maaiiConnect prioritises mobility, connectivity, and real-time data. The solution ensures all stakeholders remain securely connected on any device from anywhere in the world. The digital convergence platform is both accessible and flexible to adjust to ever-evolving needs. All data is available in real-time so businesses can continuously monitor and analyse communication logs to optimise call centre efficiency.

Borderless business connections

Effective communication across borders is key to any global corporation’s success and the customer experience is shaped by each and every single interaction along the journey. As customers move beyond phone calls to engage their peers, the web, and social media to interact with businesses, maaiiConnect covers all the bases to help companies own every customer touchpoint. As illustrated by John’s experience, the advanced digital convergence solution enables an unrivalled call centre experience. QR code or weblink calls mean customers can make call enquiries from anywhere in the world with just one click. maaiiConnect’s omnichannel capabilities allow customers to call through popular social media platforms. The virtual number feature dynamically assigns local numbers for customers to receive and return calls. Virtual numbers can also be routed to anywhere in the world so customers are always speaking to the most relevant service agent. On-net calls can easily be switched to video calls or enhanced with screen sharing during conversations to better serve customers. All customer interactions are recorded, and the data generated empowers companies to identify trends/insights, improve products and services, and remain competitive. 

Backend integration

maaiiConnect seamlessly integrates with internal systems, such as CRM or ERP, to empower agents with a holistic view of each customer. The agile, scalable, and easily maintained platform has been designed to continue to grow with the business it supports. The range of call centre solutions, whether on-premise or cloud-based, helps streamline operations and easily integrate new channels. OneDashboard puts invaluable data at companies’ fingertips to enable real-time reporting and faster improvements. Customers can rest safe in the knowledge that all data is securely stored and managed in M800’s public or private cloud.

Quality guaranteed

M800 supports over 600 of the world’s reputable companies through its advanced global telecommunications network. A proprietary infrastructure, globally distributed network, and top-of-the-range security empowers companies to deliver carrier-grade voice, video, and data communication services to their customers and internal stakeholders. Carrier-grade quality that is guaranteed by over 28 PoPs across Asia, Europe, and the United States, more than 160 global carrier partners worldwide, and a commitment to 99.95% service level agreement (SLA). 

maaiiConnect 的强大技术为各企业的客户缔造无与伦比的体验,革新的数据通讯工具改变公司沟通模式并提升通讯和营运效率及营收。 maaiiConnect 将是企业在2020年不容忽视的通讯新趋势。

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