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Maaii White Label Solution helps you launch your own branded communication app without investing in development and infrastructure.
Out-of-the box solution adding any features to your branded app easily
OS Support
Supporting both Android & iOS, also customizable to any platform you want
Analytics Dashboard
Monitoring users’ behaviors daily, data shared include the amount of calls, call attempts, daily signups, etc.
M-Commerce Storefront
Selling virtual items to your customers in your virtual store
Why M800

Global Operators
We have direct access to telecom operators across the world. We can provide you with the most efficient call route anywhere, anytime.
Intelligent Routing
Based on your usage volume, frequency, time, and location, our intelligent routing system will optimize your call connections with precise calculations.
Carrier-Grade Infrastructure
Our services are run on our carrier-grade communications infrastructure. Designed and built in-house.
Online Dashboard
You can monitor all your call traffic data through an intuitive dashboard.
24/7 Customer Service
24/7 Customer support ensure that your business can run seamlessly.
Strong Security
We use strong encryption to ensure that your personal information and communication data are secure. We operate our services in a secure and reliable environment.

Business Solution
Internal Communication System
Customer Relationship Management Tool
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