Make, receive and control calls around the world using the Voice solution that thousands of companies trust on.

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Conversations can happen anywhere. The M800 Voice solution lets you make, manage and route calls to a browser, an app, your phone, or anywhere else you can take a call.

Crystal-clear Call Quality

Voice calls with minimum latency and interference powered by M800 globally distributed network.

Low Start-up Capital Requirement

Worldwide communication deployment without high capital expenditure.

Crystal-clear Calls

Quick, reliable, and extensive global reach, with toll-free numbers available for over 150 countries.

Penetrate New Markets

Local access numbers for engaging new international markets.

Quick Implementation

Our dedicated support team will set up your toll-free solution right away.

Business Continuity

Keep your existing numbers for most countries when porting to M800.

Real-time Reporting And Analytics

Robust online portal allows for status monitoring and data analysis.

Universal International Numbers

A single number for your international customers to reach you.

Always-available Phone Calls

Hot redundancy connection providing constant fail-safe in case of connection loss.

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Toll-Free Phone Numbers
Instantly acquire toll-free numbers from over 150 countries worldwide
Blacklist and Whitelist
Filter your incoming calls. Accept only those on your whitelist and reject the ones on your blacklist.
Passcode Protection
Require a valid code for call participation and enhance your call security.
Concurrent Call Limiting
Set the total number of concurrent calls to fit your business needs and increase it when you scale up
Inbound Call Limiting
Set a daily threshold on your inbound call time and cost and stay in control of your telephone budget
Location Blocking
Stop unwanted calls from any specified location with our location-based call blocking feature.
SIP Connection
Connect your PBX phone system directly to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and save massive costs for international calls.
Web Dialer
Make low-cost international calls on an intuitive web-based browser platform powered by WebRTC.
App to App
Voice Calls Voice calling between two or more devices through a shared mobile app.
App to Phone Voice Calls 
Allow your mobile app users to make local and international calls to landlines and mobile numbers.
Phone to App Voice Calls
Answer all incoming local and international calls through a mobile app, anywhere you are.
Cross-device Compatibility
Voice calling between two or more devices through a shared mobile app.
Simultaneous Calling and Chat
All of M800 conferencing solutions allow users to participate using telephone and instant messaging.

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