Prevent fraud and identity theft with secure verification options trusted by industry leaders.

Frictionless Peace of Mind

Add a seamless securty layer to your website or app with verification fulfilled through our carrier-grade network.

An intuitive, simple and reliable method to verify users using SMS or calls.

Types of Verification Methods

SMS Verification

A one-time code sent through an SMS message is used to verify a user's identity.

IVR Verification

A one-time code delivered through a telephone call is used to verify a user's identity.

Mobile Terminated (MT) Verification

The recipient of a verification call is automatically verified.

Mobile Oriented (MO) Verification

The user dials a unique phone number to verify their identity.

The M800 Verify Advantage

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Our powerful cloud-based customer service platform provides secure verification options to ensure that every agent, no matter where they are, can be authenticated with their mobile identity.