SMS Solution

Send messages that will be read immediately.

of SMS messages are opened.[1]

of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds.[2]


Types of SMS Solutions

Integrate reliable, globally supported SMS functionality in your app instantly.

  • HTTP API for fast and easy deployment.
  • SMPP protocol for high-volume messaging.


High Industry-Standard Metrics

High average success and DLR ratio, exceeding SLA-guaranteed levels.

Strong SLAs

Network redundancy ensuring messages are sent without delay.

Fast and Easy Integration

Our SMS SDKs are written in popular programming languages for high levels of compatibility and fast integration.

High Throughput Capabilities

Send thousands of messages per minute with our high-throughput SMPP gateway.

Real-time Reporting And Analytics

Get accurate and detailed information on your campaigns' performance in real-time.

Bi-directional Unicode Support

Unicode support for both outbound and inbound messaging.

HTTP and SMPP Support

HTTP API for fast and easy deployment or SMPP protocol for high-volume messaging.

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