Secure & Redundant Network 

Multi-layer, high-grade security trusted by industry leaders.

At M800, we understand that the highest priority in enterprise communication is security. That’s why we are highly focused on security maintenance and constantly upgrade our network and practices in order to provide the highest levels of security on both the application layer as well as the network layer.

All M800 products are equipped with user verification and authentication mechanisms that have been developed in-house. These mechanisms cross-verify user-provided information on the application level by utilizing telecom capabilities (SMS and voice). Our verification and authentication mechanisms also support third-party verification tools, such as biometrics and QR codes.

Application Layer Encryption

M800 uses TLS cryptographic protocol, an industry standard for securing data in transit. This is proven technology that ensures our encryption cannot be easily decrypted by an unauthorized third-party. To meet individual client needs, M800 also supports third-party encryption protocols.

Network Security Protection

M800 uses a robust range of tools and precautions to maintain the highest standards of security, such as anti-DDoS mechanisms, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), carrier-grade firewalls, MPLS private network connections, multiple IP transits, and AI-assisted cyber-threat detection software (Darktrace).

Proactive Network Testing

We also proactively test our networks for potential vulnerabilities to outside attacks with regular network software scanning, as well as internal and external penetrations tests to ensure security risks are within acceptable levels.

Last Mile Security and Reliability

To guarantee increased security and a reliable connection between M800 and our customers, M800 provides the option of setting up a private leased line (with an IPsec VPN connection as a backup) to connect with the customer so the connection will not be affected by traffic congestion.

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