Every message is an opportunity—seize each and every one with our reliable APIs, SDKs, and white-label solution.

Instant Messaging

Quickly resolve customer cases, reduce costs associated with telephone support and increase user engagement.

Our live-chat solution integrates easily with your company's existing website or app and includes a full suite of powerful, added features.


  • Multimedia File Sharing

    Conveniently and easily send multimedia files such as screenshots, documents, and videos.
  • Group Chat

    Invite multiple people to participate in a single chat session.
  • In-app Image Editor

    Draw on or add filters to images without leaving your app.
  • Push Notifications

    Notify users of recent messages and keep their engagement rates high.
  • IM to SMS

    Convert web-based messages to SMS messages and extend your market reach beyond only web and mobile app users.
  • Simultaneous Chat and Calls

    Send important information or make quick notes via chat messages while using the integrated calling feature.

The M800 Messaging Advantage

Supercharged Communications

Messaging on your terms, with premium & wholesale routes, message scheduling and sophisticated integrations.

Distributed Network

Low latency premium routes, advanced SMS firewall, MPLS quality of service and dedicated network connections.

World-Class Equipment & Service

Exceptional network redundancy, quality and latency, delivered by our industry-leading network utilizing Oracle SBCs and Huawei NGNs. Complemented by around-the-clock technical support ensuring stable, continuous operation.

Global Hub

Maximum reachability with minimum costs; connect with over 300 providers globally.

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