Power your SMS communications with unrivaled deliverability and speed, anywhere in the world.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Deliver messages, updates, and notifications from  over 230  countries & territories  around the world instantly through M800 SMS API and Web SMS.

Effective and simple to use, our SMS solutions allow you to integrate reliable, globally supported SMS functionality into your app or send international SMS messages through a web interface. Each message is backed-up by strong network redundancy and security, ensuring they are sent without interruption or intrusion.

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High Industry-Standard Metrics
High average success and DLR ratio, exceeding SLA-guaranteed levels.
Guarantee SLAs 
Network redundancy ensuring messages are sent without delay.
Fast and Easy Integration
Our SMS SDKs are written in popular programming languages for high levels of compatibility and fast integration.
High Throughput Capabilities
Send thousands of messages per minute with our high-throughput SMPP gateway.
Real-time Reporting And Analytics
Get accurate and detailed information on your campaigns' performance in real-time.
Bi-directional Unicode Support
Unicode support for both outbound and inbound messaging.
HTTP and SMPP Support
HTTP API for fast and easy deployment or SMPP protocol for high-volume messaging.
Additional Binding Connection
Create separate SMS channels for different departments within your company or tiers of customers.
Increase SMS Throughput
Get faster message delivery by increasing the number of SMS messages that can be sent at once.
Supercharged Communications
Operate globally with ease and flexibility, with premium & wholesale routes, message scheduling and sophisticated integrations.
Distributed Network
Low latency premium routes, advanced SMS firewall, MPLS quality of service and dedicated network connections.
World-Class Equipment & Service
First-rate network comprised of world-class components to deliver high-quality services.
Global Hub
Connected to over 300 tier-1 carriers worldwide for maximum range of services.

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