The most powerful and comprehensive global business interaction solution!  Make communication with ease, direct, quality, and free!

  • Communicate in real-time, anywhere and on any device.

  • Installation and deployment take only 1 minute.

  • Best-in-class voice call quality. Real-time Chat and SMS.

  • Free plan for all website owners.

*maaiiConnect is in a limited preview release. Sign up to apply for your free invitation.*

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maaiiConnect empowers the customers to communicate effortlessly and effectively in a unified platform, dissolving boundaries and connects consumers globally.

Transform the way you engage your customers with maaiiConnect , a powerful cloud-based customer service platform that provides business with robust calling and messaging capabilities on their website and app.

Combining voice and chat functions, maaiiConnect allows you and your customers to talk and chat on a single multi-channel platform. At the same time, your agents can continue their support even outside of the office using the platform’s mobile function, giving it ultimate mobility.

Connect with customers across the world

Platform backed by a private global infrastructure
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  • Deliver crystal-clear voice calls & reliable chat messages with minimum downtime.

  • High-grade security and anti-fraud management with maximum flexibility.

  • Connected to multiple points of presence which provides minimal latency and maximum bandwidth for a high-quality call experience.

Do It All on a Single Platform

Real-time voice and chat functions.


  • Talk and chat on a single multi-channel platform.

  • Enforce your message and help customers faster by sending documents, images, and files.

  • Convert visitors to leads, leads to customers and build customer loyalty with proactive service.

  • Use a single platform to complete all the tasks! Perfectly fit into your existing business.

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Odoo • Text and Image

Improve Agent Productivity

Solve every case faster with feature-rich communications. 


  • Minimize customer wait-time with preset answers.

  • Limit the number of chats an agent can participate in at one time.

  • Make invisible notes in the chat log for future customer reference. 

  • Allow customers to send queries that are answered as soon as your agents are back.

Instant Integration and Deployment

Easy integration for any app or website with just a few lines of code.

  • Minimal setup and hardware with zero infrastructure requirements and costs.

  • Delight customers quickly with voice calls, live chats and more.

  • Can integrate our features with your current system like CRM, ERP, and apps easily.

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Continue Support On Mobile

Allow your agents to be reachable on their mobile. 


  • Provide the fastest and best customer service anytime and anywhere.

  • The agent app and web dashboard are developed to accommodate every mobile need.

Flexible Consumption

Pay-per-minute of usage terminology for beyond the free min on-net call

All website owners


15 staffs

2,500 minutes On-net Call 

per month

  • SmartCall 
  • Unlimited Chat (Instant Messaging)
  • Widget Management
  • Directory Management (Tags)
  • Dial Pad – On-net
  • 3 Way Call (Mobile) – On-net
  • Advanced Reports

Optimized for corporations

16 staffs

$10 per staff

every 5 staff per upgrade 

2,500 mins On-net Call 

per month

Local/Toll-free Numbers Purchasing

Usage charge is applicable 

  • Free Plan +
  • Destination Management – Off-net
  • SMS in Chatroom Enabled
  • Advanced Reports
  • Dial Pad – On-net + Off-net
  • 3 Way Call (Mobile) – Off-net
  • And more features...

Custom-built Solution

System Integration Ready

Dedicated Account Manager for You.


maaiiConnect Plan Comparison


  •  Directory Tags

    5  Destinations

    7 days  Inquiry history record

    7 days  Report history data

    1GB  Media Storage

    • Dashboard
    • Inquiry Overview
    • Missed Inquiries
    • Multi-languages support
    • Staff Destination Management
    • Staff Management
    • Staff Phone Book
    • Widget Customization
    • Dial Pad (Ext #)
    • 3 Way Call (Staff)

  • Business

  • 100  Directory Tags

    200  Destinations

    90 days  Inquiry history record

    90 days  Report history data

    8GB  Media Storage

    • Dashboard
    • Inquiry Overview
    • Missed Inquiries
    • Multi-languages support
    • Staff Destination Management
    • Staff Management
    • Staff Phone Book
    • Widget Customization
    • Dial Pad  (Off-net + On-net)
    • 3 Way Call (Staff + IDD)
    • SMS in Chatroom Enabled
    • IDD
    • Account Manager
    • SLA Applies 

  • Enterprise






    • Dashboard
    • Inquiry Overview
    • Missed Inquiries
    • Multi-languages support
    • Staff Destination Management
    • Staff Management
    • Staff Phone Book
    • Widget Customization
    • Dial Pad (Off-net + On-net)
    • 3 Way Call (Staff + IDD)
    • SMS in Chatroom Enabled
    • IDD 
    • Account Manager
    • SLA Applies 
    • Mobile SDK
  • SmartCall

    Distinctive ways to communicate
    Web widget
    Design your unique widget icon. An efficient way to let your customers reach you! Let them call you when they land your website through a desktop or mobile browser! A simple click on the widget and talk to your staff! No further actions needed!
    A click on the URL link you provided and you are connected with your customers! Enable your customers to talk with you in one of the easiest ways.
    QR code
    Scan and call! Yes, it’s that simple! Your customers can call you when they scan your QR code! A modern and fast way to communicate with them! And benefit your consumers to solve their issues at ease!   

     Omnichannel Support

    • Omnichannel saves your time and effort! maaiiConnect allows your company to provide services through diverse channels and give superior customer service. Your consumers can contact you by Chat, SMS, and Call! It gives them multiple choices and offers a seamless customer experience. Benefits in building a unified model at sales, marketing, and support that creates a premium brand experience.

    Intelligent Routing

    Four types of routing that best fit your needs!
    Location routing
    Never make your customers feel confused! Let them find the right staff at all times by identifying their location! Automatically route to the correct call center effortlessly.
    Percentage routing
    Even your staff and call center workload smartly! Don’t miss any chance to communicate with your customers! Our percentage routing feature can route the call to centers with more manpower. This can help to decrease the opportunity of losing your customers!
    Time of Day routing
    Flexibility in setting your time for serving your customers! Let your customers know the time that they can get in touch with you. Don’t make them feel ignored by giving them more information. Increase customer loyalty now!
    Sticky routing
    Boost brand loyalty and let consumers feel comfort when seeking help. How? This feature allows your customer to get back to the previous staff that serves him/her. This can assist in solving the issues they are facing by knowing the history and build engagement with the staff!


    • This solution can integrate our features with your current system like CRM, ERP, and apps, whatever you can think of! Use a single platform to complete all the tasks! Perfectly fit into your existing business ecosystem and increase staff working efficiency.

    Value Added Services

    Features Dedicated for Business and Enterprise plans

    Report Export
    Able to export inquiry, call, chat, SMS, visitor, and staff reports in excel and PDF.
    Number Management - Toll free/ DID
    Benefit routing system by embedding toll free or DID into maaiiConnect.
    Destination Management - SIP Trunk
    Integrate with the customer’s SIP-based system to provide ultimate routing flexibility.
    Full Widget Customization
    Can fully customize all widgets and theme including widget icon to better represent your company.
    Dynamic Directory & Routing
    We provide four types of routing which can serve different needs which include location, percentage, time of date and sticky routing.
    Staff Directory
    Allow customers to view the staff directory and find the right person that they wish to talk to.

    Basic Widget Customization

    Integrate your brand image into the platform.

    • Customize the platform's colors, backgrounds, and ringtones to fit your brand.

    • Agents can personalize their profile for increased identity recognition.

    • Add a branded video to your calling screen to enhance company image.

    Collect Data On Every Conversation

    Optimize your support with call monitoring and analytics. 

    • Get real-time updates on key performance indicators and billing.

    • View individual agents' metrics to accurately assess their performance.

    • Record all voice calls to monitor interactions between agents and customers.

    • Save your call history and sort by agent, account, customer, date, and time

    Combine Support Tools

    Utilize and integrate other tools into the platform.

    • Integrate your CRM platforms such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics to sync all prospect information.

    Create Seamless Customer Experiences

    Employ robust calling features and options.

    • Bring in technical support staff to a group call to solve a problem. 

    • Minimize customer waiting time with automatic call routing.

    • Reach customers directly on their landline or mobile phone using the dial pad in the maaiiConnect dashboard.

    Provide Background Support

    Flexible management of your support resources. 

    • Supervisors and colleagues can assist a fellow agent during an active customer support session.

    • Seamlessly transfer an active customer case to the best-suited agent to resolve it.

    maaiiConnect Use Case

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