One of the best customer service platform for your business.

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          Allow your clients, customers, or prospects to reach you over the telephone for free. 

          Provide flexible customer support with online to toll-free call-switching.

          Augment your PBX system with cloud integration.

          1-Click-Call solution eliminates all layers of communication barriers and unnecessary user interaction

          Connect customers to the right agent.

          Intelligent routing algorithms generate a list of agents for customers to choose from or automatically connects them with the agent best suited to resolve their case.

          Route your customers' calls based on the captured information such as the location and the site language.

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          Begin the conversation right where you last left off

          Allow agents to easily find the contacts they need to resolve customer cases

          Utilizing your company's contact database,allow agents to transfer calls or start group calls at the push of a button 

          Message customer outside of the chatbox

          Send and receive text messages directly from the liveConnect dashboard 

          Admin can customize the appearance of the web client app, adding corporate name, color, widget icon, call images and call videos.