Software for unrivaled cloud customer service.

Discover the customer support platform that makes your business and customers happy

liveConnect is an instantly deployable customer service platform for your existing website and app with zero infrastructure requirements, providing unparalleled scalability, reliability and security. Delight both new and old alike with the best customer service, and collaborate anywhere—on any device—to solve every customer inquiry faster.
of customers have taken action as a result of bad experience[1]

positive experiences to rectify one unresolved negative experience[2]

of companies delivering excellent customer service are outperforming their competition[3]

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Grow Your Business with Delightful Customer Experiences

Do Everything on a Single Platform

With rich real-time communications and integrations.
  • You don't need different products to engage and support your customers by phone or chat. Talk, chat, teach, support—do it all, on a single convenient multi-channel platform.
  • Grow your business with more happy customers. Take the first step with an effective proactive service, convert visitors to leads, leads to customers and build customer loyalty.
  • Say more with less, using documents, images and files to help customers faster.

Make Every Customer Interaction Count

With our highly reliable global infrastructure.
  • Surprise them with wonderful call quality, delight them with your service—never again lose a customer due to poor communications. Enjoy minimum downtime and crystal-clear voice quality with our highly reliable, carrier-grade, infrastructure.
  • Private cloud infrastructure ensures high-grade security and anti-fraud management with maximum flexibility.
  • Distributed global network with over 50 points of interest provides minimal latency and maximum bandwidth for a high quality call experience anywhere, every single time.

Out of the Box Deployable. No Infrastructure Required

With amazing cloud customer service for any app or website in just a few lines of code.
  • Provide world-class customer service with minimal setup and hardware. liveConnect works out of the box, with zero infrastructure requirements and costs.
  • Your customers are waiting and need help. Delight both new and old alike in no time, with voice calls and live-chats and more. Decrease site abandonment and lost sales.

Accelerate Agent Productivity

With feature-rich communications to solve ever case faster.
  • Customers expect fast service, with preset answers accessed by a few keystrokes quickly reply to customers' common concerns and minimize waiting time without compromising quality.
  • Limit the number of chats an agent can participate in at one time to maintain chat quality and reduce errors.
  • Every customer is different, take invisible notes in the chat log for future reference, and provide a faster more personal service.
  • It's a global world that never sleeps, and even if your agents do, customers can still send queries that are answered as soon as they are back.

Go Anywhere. Do Everything

With the powerful agent mobile app, without compromise.
  • Whether your agents are currently on the move or stationed, provide the fastest and best customer service without compromising mobility or quality.
  • The agent app and web dashboard are developed to accommodate and easily scale with the mobile needs and trends of the future.

Automate Agent Assignments

With the in-house developed intelligent routing.
  • Your customers are impatient, that's why our specially-designed AI instantly matches new inquiries with the most suitable agents.
  • Routing is optimized based on aggregated customer identities, and network activity and balance.

Shape the Platform with Your Ideas

With flexible customizations make it yours, make it good.
  • Stay on brand with customizable colors, backgrounds, and ringtones.
  • Let your agents customize their own profile for better customer engagement.

Make Every Interaction a Step to Improvement

With deep customer insights.
  • Collect customer data and build customer profiles to assign them the right agents and find opportunities for upsells.
  • Give customers a pre-chat survey to help identify their concerns before they interact with an agent.
  • Understand how well your agents or services meet customer needs with a post-chat survey.

Let Your Data Guide Intelligent Optimizations

With advanced call monitoring and analytics.
  • Get real-time updates on key performance indicators and billing.
  • View individual agents' metrics to accurately assess their performance.
  • Record all voice calls to monitor interactions between agents and customers.
  • Save your call history and sort by agent, account, customer, date, and time.

Seamless Customer Experiences

With robust calling features and options.
  • Complex problems require expert help—don't leave your customers waiting, bring in technical support staff, subject matter experts or managers in a group call and solve the problem there and then.
  • Minimize customer waiting time with automatic call routing by forwarding their call to the next available agent.
  • Reach customers faster, directly on their landline or mobile phone using the dial pad in the liveConnect dashboard.

Empower Your Workflow

With extensive tools and integrations.
  • Integrate your CRM platforms such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics to easily sync all prospect information.
  • Partitioned online charging system provides intuitive, straightforward account management of user wallets.

Stand on the Shoulders of Experts

With sophisticated agent collaboration tools.
  • Teach, coach and improve your service without compromise. During an active customer support session supervisors or colleagues can at anytime secretly step in to coach an agent.
  • Seamless transfer to the agent best suited to resolve a customer case.

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