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Discover the customer support platform that makes your business and customers happy.

liveConnect is a powerful cloud-based customer service platform that provides businesses with robust calling and messaging capabilities on their website and app.
of customers have taken action as a result of bad experience.[1]

positive experiences to rectify one unresolved negative experience.[2]

of companies delivering excellent customer service are outperforming their competition.[3]

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Benefits of Using liveConnect

Do It All on a Single Platform

Real-time voice and chat functions.
  • Talk, chat, teach and support on a single multi-channel platform.
  • Enforce your message and help customers faster by sending documents, images and files.
  • Convert visitors to leads, leads to customers and build customer loyalty with proactive service.

Connect With Customers Across The World

Platform backed by a private global infrastructure.
  • Deliver crystal-clear voice calls & reliable chat messages with minimum downtime.
  • High-grade security and anti-fraud management with maximum flexibility.
  • Connected to multiple point of presence which provides minimal latency and maximum bandwidth for a high-quality call experience.

Instant Integration and Deployment

Easy integration for any app or website with just a few lines of code.
  • Minimal setup and hardware with zero infrastructure requirements and costs.
  • Delight customers quickly with voice calls, live chats and more.

Improve Agent Productivity

Solve every case faster with feature-rich communications.
  • Minimize customer wait-time with preset answers.
  • Limit the number of chats an agent can participate in at one time.
  • Make invisible notes in the chat log for future customer reference.
  • Allow customers to send queries that are answered as soon as your agents are back.

Continue Support On Mobile

Allow your agents to be reachable on their mobile.
  • Provide the fastest and best customer service anytime and anywhere.
  • The agent app and web dashboard are developed to accommodate every mobile needs.

Automate Agent Assignments

Regulate agent workload with intelligent routing.
  • Instantly matches new inquiries with the most suitable agents.
  • Routing is optimized based on aggregated customer identities, and network activity and balance.

Customizable Backgrounds & Image

Integrate your brand image into the platform.
  • Customize the platform's colors, backgrounds, and ringtones to fit your brand.
  • Agents can personalize their own profile for increased identity recognition.
  • Add a branded video to your calling screen to enhance company image.

Improve Every Interaction

With deep customer insights.
  • Collect customer data and build customer profiles to find opportunities for upsells.
  • Give a pre-chat survey to help identify customer concerns before they interact with an agent.
  • Understand how well your agents met customer needs with a post-chat survey.

Collect Data On Every Conversation

Optimize your support with call monitoring and analytics.
  • Get real-time updates on key performance indicators and billing.
  • View individual agents' metrics to accurately assess their performance.
  • Record all voice calls to monitor interactions between agents and customers.
  • Save your call history and sort by agent, account, customer, date, and time.

Create Seamless Customer Experiences

Employ robust calling features and options
  • Bring in technical support staff to a group call to solve a problem.
  • Minimize customer waiting time with automatic call routing.
  • Reach customers directly on their landline or mobile phone using the dial pad in the liveConnect dashboard.

Combine Support Tools

Utilize and integrate other tools into the platform.
  • Integrate your CRM platforms such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics to sync all prospect information.
  • Utilize a partitioned online charging system to provide intuitive, straightforward account management of user wallets.

Provide Background Support

Allow your agents to help each other during support.
  • Supervisors and colleagues can assist a fellow agent during an active customer support session.
  • Seamlessly transfer an active customer case to the best-suited agent to resolve it.

Best for Support Team

Services include:
  • Unlimited agent accounts
  • Chat History
  • Customization
  • Reports
  • Data security
  • Web & Mobile SDK
  • Customizable Mobile SDK
  • 24x7 liveConnect support
  • Software Engineering Support

Best for Customer Service Department

Services include:
  • Unlimited agent accounts
  • Chat History
  • Customization
  • Reports
  • Data security
  • Web & Mobile SDK
  • Customizable Mobile SDK
  • 24x7 liveConnect support
  • Software Engineering Support
  • Product Training
  • Account Manager

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