Intelligent Voice Routing 

Intelligently distributed data and communications for a truly global presence.

Taking full advantage of our proprietary network infrastructure, M800 applies a distributed approach to data and services over the network.This decentralization of data and services is vital for optimizing routing and latency, delivering improved overall quality to our clients.

Optimized Data Speed and Transmission Efficiency

The M800 network is equipped with content delivery network (CDN) components. This allows users to request content from the node that is closest, ensuring the shortest distance for the data to travel and reducing latency to provide the fastest site experience.

Optimized Communications Routing

The M800 platform assigns the most suitable POP server to complete each communication event based on the geographic position of the participants, reducing latency significantly. This server is located in the most appropriate geolocation in the network to best minimize the latency of communication.

Intelligent Push

Our intelligent push mechanism applies a geolocation-based distribution design, which allows M800 to transmit specific information according to different areas and territories. For compatibility with a wide range of device type, our intelligent push mechanism includes multiple push technologies, such as MQTT, GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), JPush, and APNS (Apple Push Notification Service).

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