As a top-tier global CPassS provider that offers a cloud-based application layer that runs through a globally distributed network infrastructure, M800 allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate carrier-grade quality real-time communication functions.

Our global infrastructure includes the traditional telephony network and managed IP network. We are directly connected with more than 200 tier-1 worldwide carriers and mobile operators throughout over 150 countries. We have four redundancy levels which are the equipment, server, network and region.

M800 Interconnection with Carriers & Operators

Europe & US Carriers

Asia Pacific Carriers

China & Hong Kong Carriers

We have 17 POPs globally. We also have hybrid cloud servers that cover 18 major regions in the world including Italy, UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia.

We are globally connected and proven to be highly visible. We are compliant with PCI DSS and provide a high standard of security by connecting with tier-1 grade carriers.

We work through three layers that are the application layer, the communication layer (services/API) and the network layer (M800 Hybrid Cloud Servers and Carrier-Grade Network).

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