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Smart Call Routing

Smarter, streamlined call routing that maximises coherence, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

The smart way to route calls

maaiiConnect enables directories with more than one destination so enquiries can be routed based on a caller’s location, language, time zone, and previous queries. The directory is generated based on a caller’s website language and location. Only tags matched to a destination are visible.

Are your customers speaking to the right staff? 

Are your customers being transferred from one staff to another, creating a bad user experience?

Do your customers constantly have to repeat their information?

Are language barriers slowing down customer enquiries?

Are your staff confused about where to transfer calls?

How Smart Routing can help your business 


Route calls to support customers from the same place.

Time zone

Route calls to support customers from the same time zone.


Route returning customers to the same staff.


Route calls to support customers in their own language.


Route a percentage of calls to a specific destination.

Business applications

Support customers in their own language by routing calls to relevant customer support centres around the world.  Route calls during office hours to daytime support staff and after-hours calls to night shift support staff.

Save return customers from repeating information by routing follow-up calls to the same staff. Automatically hide matching language tags when a caller’s language is not supported to avoid confusion. 

Other solutions

Big Data & AI

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Internet of Things (IoT)

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