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MNO/ MVNO/ Carrier Cooperations

 A targeted network to boost connectivity and value in competitive markets 

Expand Your Reach and Connectivity

In the fragmented world of telecommunications, mobile virtual networks operators (MVNOs) combine emerging technologies to offer additional value to both consumers and existing mobile network operators (MNOs). Through MNO/ MVNO/ Carriers Cooperation, it allows carriers to expand into new markets and offer unique features and products, increasing their connectivity and responding to niche consumer demands. We also assist operators – whether they’re carriers, MNOs, or MNVOs – to drive revenue via additional user bases, new sources of income from voice and SMS traffic, and areas in which they don’t necessarily have a value proposition to pursue, such as cloud-based or AI-related services.

How maaiiConnect Can Help Carriers 

New Market Opportunity  

A successful outreach strategy to extend market share and offerings.

New Revenue Source  

Enjoy benefits from voice and SMS traffics.


Open up new opportunities by leveraging maaiiConnect’s strengths and value proposition, such as cloud-based and AI related services.

How maaiiConnect Can Help Your Business 

Strong Brand Identity & Stickiness  

Even if customers are using international toll free or local access DID numbers, calls are received and make on unified business identity.


Enable customers to return staff' calls effortlessly.


Provide a local experience to customers when dealing with staff.

MVNO & maaiiConnect Integration Diagram

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