Cost and Time Saving Solutions

Solutions addressing all communication needs while generating money and time savings.

M800 products and solutions are designed to reduce cost and save time for our clients. By implementing our products and solutions, our clients save a large amount of expense in software development, network setup, and management tools creation. Our complete solution approach ensures that our clients can find all the necessary tools and solutions within the range of M800 offerings, eliminating the need to piece together a working communications solution from multiple vendors. Our products and solutions are developed with a turnkey approach in mind, which allows them to be implemented in little time.

Complete Solution

M800 differentiates itself from most competitors by being able to provide solutions that cover three layers: infrastructure, routing engine, and application. This not only allows us to have control of a wide range of aspects, but also allows us to provide our clients with products, solutions, and services with a complete solution that can address all corporate communications needs, both internal and external.

Turnkey Integration

M800 products and solutions are easily deployed into our clients’ applications or websites and are supported by a dedicated team that will make the implementation process smooth and stress-free. Our solutions can also be readily customized according to client-specific requirements and easily integrated with many existing third-party tools used by our clients.

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