Big Data Analytics

Extensive range of proprietary tools for easy and complete service management.

M800 has developed an extensive set of tools that allows ourselves and our clients to have better control over their services and solutions. With our full suite of tools, clients can manage team member access, access key metrics and user data, track and manage in-app billing, and integrate M800 communication features into their existing applications.

Platform Monitoring

M800 is able to continuously retrieve information about the platform's health and how the network components interact with our portal and applications. By monitoring the platform at the network level, the portal level, the application level, and the device level, the M800 platforms allows clients to retrieve the data they need to best manage their communication services.


Through the M800 dashboard, our clients are able to access all the data retrieved through our platform monitoring technology. The dashboard allows for real-time data reporting on key metrics related to users, services, and billing. M800 service management within the dashboard allows for the assigning of user rights and customization of the user interface.

Online Charging System

With the M800 Online Charging System (OCS), our enterprise customers can view and manage service usage amounts both at the application level and user level, allowing for complete control of all communications resources.

UI Kit

The M800 UI Kit allows for easy integration of instant messaging and VoIP calling functions directly into our enterprise customer's applications and website. The UI Kit allows for quick integration and easy customization of M800 communications tools in order to match the enterprise customer's branding and style guide—all without the expense of creating an in-house solution.

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