Artificial Intelligence (AI) System

Employing artificial intelligence to extend our clients’ competitive edge.

AI is able to extend the power of communication services by applying machine learning to processes which until now, could only be executed by humans. Deep learning of communication behaviors allows M800 to provide clients with useful data for service optimization and increased productivity.

For AI integrations to be successful, one main ingredient is necessary: data. This is why all M800 solutions are developed with AI and data retrieving in mind. M800 retrieves data, consolidates it and delivers to clients so they can make the best use of it according to their business needs.

Data Retrieving

As M800 provides solutions across network, application, and device levels, we are able to capture a wide range of information from the user actions across these three layers.

Network Level:

  • User network

  • Switch site

  • Caller ID

  • Image ID (MaaiiMe)

  • Wifi and mobile network switching

  • On and Off switching

  • Network behavior

Application Level:

  • User behavior flow

  • User profile information

  • Application behavior


  • Screen resolution

  • Time zone

  • RAM size

  • OS (operating system)

  • OS version

  • Device model

  • Device behavior

Data Classification

Consolidation of data involves two processes, the first of which is classification. During classification, data is grouped into four major modules: user location, user communication, user behavior within the application, and user content preferences.

Data Clustering

Inside each module, data is clustered using the “Monte Carlo” method, a method of forming patterns by crossing frequency versus probability. This helps identify patterns, leading to more relevant information, and reduces the number of combinations, which requires less processing time and CPU usage.

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