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The Next-Generation Global Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Provider.

What is M800?

With over 35 years of experience developing industry-leading solutions in the telecommunication, mobiles, and software industry—connected to more than 260 global carriers, M800 communication platform supports over 500 large enterprise customers including blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies. Starting off initially to fill the communication technology gap, M800 is now pioneering the global telecommunication and IT convergence space. As a leader in this evolution, M800 caters to over 100 leading e-commerce platforms, IoT manufacturers and smart city projects. The success can be attributed to the vision of the founders, who are accomplished telecom professionals.

Our vision is to be the global leader of OTT communication solutions and international pioneer of CPaaS-based solutions—defining the next generation of a module-based, cross-compatible mobile internet solution. Our solutions—voice, video, messaging and security—developed by cloud computing models across infrastructure, platform and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), solve the toughest global communication problems faced by corporations. A first-choice global communication solution for all enterprises, providing startups to large global MNCs the necessary tools to rapidly compete and confront the best and biggest in the business–that is our mission.

Presently, M800 provides rapid implementations of carrier-grade solutions with strict SLA in security and reliability. To achieve this, a unified platform of telecommunications and IT is built, transcending multiple layers–from application, network to platform. Our globally distributed network is realized to meet and exceed industry standards of real-time communication–smart content delivery, intelligent routing and minimal latency, while supporting sophisticated third-party integrations. This architecture reflects our long-term vision—supporting data capturing for big data, artificial intelligence and advanced blockchain security for user identification—components we believe are vital for businesses that have or will attain mass adoption.

A global audience has been reached by the M800 B2B2C and B2C business strategy, contributed by premium corporate clients that accept our license-based business model. Clients select M800 because we help companies reduce enterprise communication CAPEX cost by over 90% and save 80% of their time, while providing them with a superior user experience. In many cases, our industry knowledge and ability to swiftly implement large, high quality and secure enterprise communication solutions has made M800 the go-to-company for CPaaS-based solutions. Moreover, M800 modular based solutions provide fast integration and our global coverage and 24/7 availability assist companies to scale globally.

M800 employs a diverse workforce of over 300 professionals—spanning 20 nationalities, where 80% focus on R&D. M800 has its headquarters in Hong Kong with offices in Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok. Our R&D centers are located in Hong Kong, Kiev, Minsk and Taipei.

M800 Solutions Architecture

As a leading global CPaaS provider that offers a cloud based application layer that runs through a globally distributed network infrastructure, M800 allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate carrier-grade quality real-time communication functions

M800 Solutions
M800 SDK
M800 Infrastructure
As a leading global CPaaS provider that offers a cloud based application layer that runs through a globally distributed network infrastructure, M800 allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate carrier-grade quality real-time communication functions

History of M800

  • 2007


    With the vision of better global communications, M800 was founded by 4 telecom pioneers.
  • 2008


    The company kick-started the development of a new global communications network.
  • 2009


    Over 290 mobile network operators are connected to the M800 global network. M800 provides global IDD, SMS & toll-free services.
  • 2010


    Maaii, the revolutionary cross-platform mobile communications app for Android and iOS is released.
  • 2011


    Enterprise-grade data security standards confirmed with the award of PCI compliance. In addition, following thorough tests the M800 global network successfully attains 99.5% global reliability.
  • 2012


    M800 is awarded the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award 2012 & Red Herring Top 100 Global Award 2012.
  • 2013


    M800 enters the CPaaS market with novel SDKs & APIs for voice, messaging and push services; powered by our global network.
  • 2014


    The online platform m800.com is launched.
  • 2015


    Over 500 global enterprises trust M800 with their communications.
  • 2016


    Expansion of R&D talent pool globally, with personnel in countries including: Kiev, Minsk and Taipei.
  • 2017


    M800 is recognized by multiple international organizations for its technological innovations and honored with a collection of awards.
  • 2018


    liveConnect is launched: the cloud-based customer support platform. Powered by our traditional telecom capabilities and global IP network.

Company Facts

Professionals Worldwide
Global Enterprise Clients
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All numbers approximate as of 30 November 2017

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