Digital Convergence Platform in Heterogeneous Multimedia Network  

Globally Distributed

Transforming the Communication Experience

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device

M800 supports more than 600 enterprise customers, including blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies, through a robust network of more than 160 global carriers. M800 combines over 35 years’ experience developing pioneering telecommunications, mobile, and software solutions.

Stable. Reliable. Proven.


SLA guarantee 


million IMs delivered daily


million calls handled daily


global enterprise clients


direct connections to global carriers


countries and territories locally supported

Founded in 2007, M800 was created by a group of telecommunications pioneers to revolutionise global communications. With R&D teams in Taiwan and Hong Kong staffed by more than 200 product developers, we are committed to helping companies around the globe tackle their toughest communication challenges.

One Seamless Solution

Our technologies seamlessly integrate leading voice, video, messaging, and data products and services businesses with end-to-end solutions.


maaiiConnect is the first-of-its-kind digital convergence platform, enabling productive communication across protocols, devices, and multimedia services in real time.

Trusted Partners

A network of more than 160 carriers worldwide guarantees the quality of our service in supporting over 600 corporations across 42 industries.

Safe & Secure

M800 infrastructure and software is fully compliant with telecommunications and international security standards.

Voice + Video + Messaging + Identity

Bringing all communications capabilities together on one unified platform helps businesses better serve their customers and analyse their behaviours.

Robust Infrastructure

Our proprietary infrastructure and software ensure unrivalled carrier-grade digital communications.

Real-Time Data

Access real-time customer data from anywhere in the world to activate customised marketing plans and influence business strategies.


To empower businesses of all sizes with the world’s next-generation communications solutions.


Our mission is to be the global leader in digital communication and cloud-based solutions through a customer-centric approach, constant innovation, and reliable products and services. We deploy the latest technologies, including big data, AI, and IoT across our identity, voice & video, and messaging capabilities, to enable a digital transformation of communications ecosystems.

Voice & Video

Call centre, virtual number, and virtual office solutions enable 24/7 localised customer support and service monitoring.

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Big data, AI, routing, and IoT, help clients better understand customer behaviours and boost loyalty.

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Combining smart messaging and messaging in a centralised platform streamline internal and external communications.

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The M800 Advantages 

Distributed Design Modelling

  • Layered design to guarantee easy integration, agility, maintenance, and scalability

  • Seamless integration with existing CRM systems 

  • Adopt the latest technology 

  • Kubernetes (k8s) architecture ensures fast software upgrades (<2 mins)

Carrier-Grade Reliability

  • Wholly owned technology with intelligent control systems on all service levels 

  • A contractual commitment to 99.95% SLA for carrier-grade quality 

  • Low latency network with greater stability and higher speed 

  • Superior voice quality guaranteed 

High Security Standards & Compliance

  • Highly secured infrastructure compliant with European GDPR and local data protection regulations

  • PCI and industry regulatory compliance

  • Compatible with private cloud storage

  • ISO 27001 & 9001 compliant

End-to-End Convergence 

  • A core engine of wide-ranging capabilities enables the rapid adoption of new and customised use cases 

  • Device convergence: Ability to share information across different devices 

  • Protocol convergence: Ability to work across multiple protocols 

  • Service convergence: Ability to communicate across numerous channels 

Service Excellence

  • Activate online subscription in less than 1 minute

  • Integrate standard telecommunications in less than 30 minutes

  • Deploy back-end functionality in under 1 day

  • Complete in-depth system integration in 10–15 days

  • In-house infrastructure guarantees. Real-time and 24/7 real-time service delivery and monitoring

  • End-to-end control enables customised, data-driven marketing

  • Manage services through a single interface (OneDashboard)

Globally Distributed Infrastructure 

  • Closed proprietary end-to-end global network 

  • POPs in more than 28 regions across Asia, Europe, and the United States

  • Established network of 160+ global carrier partners to support deep integration 



M800 is launched to revolutionise global communications.


Development begins on a new global  communications network. 


290+ mobile network operators join the worldwide network.

M800 launches global IDD, SMS, and virtual number services.


M800 launches the cross-platform mobile communications app Maaii.


M800 secures PCI compliance, confirming data security standards.

Global network attains 99.5% global reliability.


M800 wins Red Herring in the Top 100 Asia and Top 100 Global Awards 2012. 


M800 launches SDKs and APIs for voice, messaging, and push services.


M800 launches the online platform 


M800 reaches 500+ global enterprise customers.


  M800 expands R&D departments globally, including in Kyiv, Minsk, and Taipei.


M800 receives multiple international awards for technological innovations.


M800 receives GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 standards for its highly secured infrastructure.


M800 launches the cloud-based innovative digital convergence platform maaiiConnect.

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