Next Generation Carrier-Grade Communication Solutions

Powering billions of conversations.

Abstract the complexities of communication with our powerful, secure CPaaS-based solutions delivered by our globally distributed infrastructure—or join us and shape the future of communications.

Communication Solutions

Why Choose M800

Cross-industry Experienced Team

We are a diverse team of professionals, serving over 600 global enterprise customers with industry-leading solutions in the telecom, mobile and software industry.

Global Network Infrastructure

Our global proprietary carrier-grade infrastructure powers all our CPaaS-based products and solutions to deliver you the very highest standard of quality and security.

Distributed Data and Services

Intelligent distribution of our proprietary network provides industry-leading content delivery, routing and latency—supporting a scalable global presence.


Trusted by industry leaders, our high-grade, multi-layer security protocols and continuous security maintenance ensures complete data privacy.

World-Class Product Development Process

Our leading product development methodologies allow rapid adaption to market trends, aggregating value to our solutions, whilst swiftly deploying industry-leading products.

Extensive Tools

Extensive range of proprietary tools, helps you make the most out of every interaction and provides easy, fast and complete service management.

Around-the-clock Support and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring systems escalate any issues for rapid troubleshooting, ensuring stable, uninterrupted carrier-grade SLA reliability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) System

Machine learning algorithms and big data analysis provide data-driven market, customer and operation insights to optimize your core business and discover new opportunities.

Cost and Time Saving Solutions

Complete turnkey-based solutions across infrastructure, routing engine and application, addressing all communication issues; save your valuable resources.

Industry Recognition

Let's create something amazing together